• Arts Reaching Kids

    a New Freedom Community Arts Program




    Empowering kids and communities through the Arts!

  • Supporting education and creativity for all ages.

    New Freedom Community Arts
    Center (Arts Reaching Kids) is
    dedicated to change for the Mt.
    Pleasant area and all of Cleveland’s
    youth through education and
    participation in the arts.


    Our vision and mission is to develop self-esteem,
    humanitarian values, work ethic,
    life skills and hope for the future
    through our programing.



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    Materials for Learning

    Arts Reaching Kids is providing an educational and fun outlet for children and adults! Classes will include:

    - Bucket Drumming

    - Junior and Advanced Drumline

    - African Drumming

    - Introduction to Sewing 

    - Life Skills

    - Leadership Training

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    Continuing Education for Youth and Adults

    We believe that in order to build up our communities, we must build up ourselves. A stagnant mindset or restricted physical and social abilities can negatively impact us and the world around us. In joining our program, children and adults will have increased education, increased self-esteem, newfound talent, increased skills and abilities, and increased social skills.

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    Support for Communities

    In many ways, the pandemic has changed the way communities operate, and rising and falling Covid and Flu cases still hold limitations on activities. However, our desire is to still serve these populations in a safe and healthy way. Classes will be in person with social distancing enforced, temperature checks, and mask provided as needed. 


    This program is not only therapeutic but is also a supervised outlet for children and a space for children and adults to have free thinking and freedom of expression.

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  • Reach Out

    Feel free to contact us with any questions, or to see how you can get involved!